AOL Copy Trader

Having analysed the major copy trading providers and discounted the majority on the basis that we were unsatisfied with how they publish true data, we have chosen a UK regulated provider who displays their performance data transparently and fairly and as a result they have a good selection of quality traders. The social trading platform allows you to copy traders with proven track records. We will inform you of the best traders to copy from the thousands available. Trading is fully automated so once you have chosen your trader/s to follow and the amount of risk you wish to take you only need to check on your account to see its progress. Having tested it ourselves since Jan 2013 we introduced it to our clients by Jan 2014. We are so confident that you will have a positive experience from this that we are offering 1 months free access to AOL Copy Trader. You may also receive a cash bonus of up to 25% on your initial deposit. 

Below you can view returns by three of the traders who have appeared on our Model Watchlist:

Trader 1:  2015 / 2016  Performance in %


Trader 2


Trader 3


 What is AOL Copy Trader? 

  • Continuous analysis filtering out inconsistent traders and highlighting the best
  • Fortnightly updates on our model Watchlist of traders to follow with alerts on new traders
  • Ongoing email and telephone support for your portfolio with risk management guidance
  • Exclusive offers at times for new and existing clients
  • Free for your first month and then optional at £99 for 6 months. You can continue to trade with NO subscription fee 

  Key Features 

  • No previous trading experience and minimal maintenance required
  • Profits are free from Capital Gains Tax through spread betting
  • Cash Bonus of up to 25% on deposit
  • FCA regulated and all funds protected by FSCS
  • Monitor your account 24/7 online and via APP

To register your interest email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a preferred contact number and time. Full trade history is available for these traders and many more. Start your free copy trading DEMO account with no financial risk by clicking below.

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