About Us


Analyst Online UK is a trading information service which has been established since September 2005. We provide time sensitive information via trading alerts and trading commentry for traders and investors. We focus on major Forex, Gold and Indices. Our service allows our subscribers to see what our analysts are trading, giving clients an insight into how the professional traders make money from the markets
SInce 2005 we have been constantly updating and improving our systems. Analyst Online UK is now delivering the best information on the market via Email, SMS and App alerts to ensure that no trading opportunity is missed. For those who are too busy to trade we also have an automated trade service available. We recognise that information is only useful if it is clear to understand and delivered when you need it. In these fast maoving markets Analyst Online UK can deliver information within seconds. All trades have clear ENTRY, STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT LEVELS.
Our analysts have over 55 years experience in their markets. Unlike most services on the market where you could say..."If you're so good why don't you just trade for yourself?"... They do actually trade their signals with their own money.